February 2020 Completed FOIA Requests

2/4/2020 Lukasz Rauiwal Bensenville, IL Police Reports for 100 East George Street
from 2019
2/4/2020 Malgorzata
Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 18-7035 Complete  
2/4/2020 Midwest 
Investigations, Inc.
Downer Grove, IL Incident/Accident Report No. 00-10436 Complete  
2/5/2020 Al Molinaro Bolingbrook, IL Health Insurance Information for Police Officers Complete View
2/5/2020 Kristina Castro Chicago, IL Accident Reports from the Past Two Weeks Complete  
2/6/2020 Matt Serio Lombard, IL New Construction Permits and Business Licenses
Issued Since 12/1/19
Complete View
2/6/2020 Charles Gutierrez Elmhurst, IL New Construction Permits and Upcoming Projects Complete View
2/7/2020 Staci Pahlke-
Carol Stream, IL Information Pertaining to a Police Officer Complete  
2/7/2020 Carolina Gonzalez N/A I-918 Forms for U-Visa Applicants from 2014 - 
2/10/2020 Ulyana Lynevych St. Charles, IL Incident Report No. 20-0100 Complete  
2/10/2020 Leandro Rodriguez-
Bensenville, IL Police Report No. 20-1062 Complete  
2/10/2020 Joseph Matteis Wood Dale, IL Incident Report No. 20-0098 Complete  
2/11/2020 Ricardo Ramirez Berwyn, IL Crime Report No. 16-12511 Complete  
2/11/2020 Janeth Garibay Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 20-0016 Complete  
2/13/2020 Wojiech Malyszko Chicago, IL 197 Rose Street Water Bill & Violations  Complete View
2/13/2020 Leobordo Morales Bensenville, IL Police Report No. 20-0091 Complete  
2/13/2020 LaDonna
Chicago, IL 219 E. Pine Ave. Water Bill & Violations Complete View
2/13/2020 Valeria Marquez Miami, FL 1011 W. Hilliside Dr. Water Bill & Violations Complete View
2/14/2020 Andrea Caragher Bensenville, IL Information Pertaining to Resolution R-1-2020 Complete View
2/20/2020 Brian Ruxton Lombard, IL 479 Hillside Drive Water Bill & Violations Complete View
2/20/2020 Gianella Navarro Miami, FL 1011 W. Hillside Dr. Water Bill & Liens Complete View
2/20/2020 Tim Tuzik Chicago, IL 865-69 Fairway Drive Permits Complete View
2/20/2020 Susan Iskowich Hinsdale, IL 111, 303, 329-11 E. Washington St & 111-28
Memorial Dr Permits
Complete View