Neighborhood Watch Program

The Bensenville Program: This program unlike the traditional form requires little commitment from the neighbors as far as time. The focus on our program shifted from a “militaristic” form of operation to an “open door policy” between the members in the program and the Crime Prevention Unit.

Instead of having Captains and other military chains of command that most people just do not understand, groups have committee members. These committee members are another way to disseminate more information and work on real concerns of their blocks where they all live. Committee members are easily replaced when things change without jeopardizing the integrity of the program just like a large corporation. No chain of command to worry about means that the program is based in a “team effort” or a “flat” form of management.
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Members, new prospective members, and residents can reach out to the Crime Prevention Unit directly. Communication channels are uninterrupted by red tape or politics. Email, cell phone, regular phone are always available for the people to communicate with the Crime Prevention Unit.

The Bensenville Program only requires the members to adopt a crime prevention mindset where suspicious activity, suspicious people, and suspicious cars are reported to the police department via our non-emergency number 630-350-3455 or 9-1-1.

Criminal activity in their area, such as suspicion of drug activity is reported without hesitating and in a confidential way to the Crime Prevention Unit first. 

Committee members, many of them managers of fortune 500 corporations, are there to further support the program and allow the residents who want to belong to the program and lack some communication devices such as a computer, email, or phone to be part of the program without too much trouble.
The members get crime alerts, emergency alertness and preparedness, crime prevention seminars, crime activity reports, and a direct line of communication with the police department, like never before.

In conclusion the Bensenville Neighborhood Watch Program is an innovative approach where to “serve and protect” actually mean something. Get involved and reach out to your neighbors. Let’s create a crime free environment where criminals have “Zero” opportunities in your block, your area, and in your Village. Together, the resident members and the entire Bensenville Police Department can make this happen.

If you are interested in learning more about this program and upcoming crime prevention seminars, contact the Bensenville Police Department at 630-350-3455