Golden Wishes Program

Village President Frank Soto has officially unveiled the ‘Golden Wishes’ program for seniors and disabled residents. The program, managed through the Bensenville Senior & Disabled Advisory Council, offers Bensenville seniors and disabled residents (including those living in unincorporated areas) an opportunity to “re-live” some of the activities in their life that they had enjoyed or to experience a new activity or experience that they always wished they could have done.

“Many residents have approached me and told me of activities they missed doing or a hobby or activity they wish they could try,” Mayor Soto stated when announcing the program. “Working with the Bensenville Senior & Disabled Advisory Council, we developed a program that can help make some fun wishes come true.”

‘Wish’ requests will be reviewed by the Senior Advisory Council quarterly and wishes will be ‘granted’ based on the ability to fulfill the wish, the expense, the insured safety of the experience and the health and ability level of the requester. You can either submit your own wish or also nominate others to get their wishes fulfilled. All Bensenville residents either disabled or over the age of 65 are eligible.

“We already have had interest in attending sporting and cultural events and taking part in sleigh rides and hayrides. Some seniors have asked for art lessons and cooking lessons and we are looking for professionals to help us fulfill those wishes,” Mayor Soto said.

‘Wish’ request forms are available at the Senior Club luncheons, Bridgeway and Castle Towers, the Library, the Park District, the front desk at Village Hall or can be downloaded HERE.

The program is supported by donations and corporate and not-for-profit sponsorships. If you are interested in donating or supporting the program or offering transportation or a service that can fulfill a wish, please contact