Lobbying (9)

Lobbying associations that the Village helps or previously helped to fund in the past 5 years, whether through association or membership dues or otherwise, and any contracts with any lobbying firms in the past 5 years.

Village of Bensenville's Lobbyists

Alfred G. Ronan, Ltd. - $90,000/year
328 South Oak Park Avenue, Suite 1
Oak Park, Illinois 60302
telephone 708-524-1810

Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. (lobbying services) - $130,000/year
100 Washington Avenue South
Suite 2200
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2159
telephone 612-339-6900
facsimile 612-339-0981

Lobbyist Contracts or Approval of Contracts:

The Village of Bensenville and its employees belong to the following organizations and may or may not do lobbying.