September 2017 Completed FOIA Requests

9/1/2017 Laura Scarry Chicago, IL All E-Mails and Records for Morrison Associates, Ltd.
During the Time Michael Cassady was Village Manager
Complete View
9/1/2017 Laurie Ramirez Chicago, IL 227 W. Grand Avenue Violations Complete View
9/8/2017 Kelly Kuechle Villa Park, IL Village Manager's Contract Complete  
9/11/2017 Virginia Russ-
Lombard, IL Crime Report No. 17-9523 Complete  
9/11/2017 Brian Geihsler Downers Grove, IL Crime Report No. 17-8896 Complete  
9/11/2017 Veronica Bujalski Wood Dale, IL Arrest Report No. 17-6981 Complete  
9/11/2017 Laniece Hinkle Bensenville, IL Noise Calls for 197 S. York Road Complete  
9/11/2017 Alusia Stuart Chicago, IL All Police Reports RE: Mirel Szulinski Complete  
9/12/2017 Javier Cabrera Waukegan, IL Police Report No. 17-6072 Complete  
9/12/2017 Gonzalo Figueroia Bensenville, IL Incident Reports No. 08-0777 & 08-4622 Complete  
9/12/2017 Victor Ruiz Melrose Park, IL Arrest Report No. 14-4061 Complete  
9/15/2017 Matt L. Walberg Chicago, IL Village Website Link for RedSpeed Information Complete View
9/15/2017 Michelle Ostermeier Taylorville, IL Current Refuse Agreement Complete View
9/15/2017 Troy Navara Naperville, IL Crime Report No. 17-7379 Complete  
9/15/2017 Kim Randolph Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-9933 Complete  
9/15/2017 Juliana Bravo Des Plaines, IL All Police Reports RE: Victor Tornez Sanchez Complete  
9/19/2017 Jackson Paul Jacksonville, FL 243 Barron Street Special Assessment Information Complete View
9/19/2017 Katarzyna Borkowska Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-8876 Complete  
9/19/2017 Luke Manno Chicago, IL Arrest Report No. 16-9729 Complete  
9/19/2017 Lauren Bever Chicago, IL Any and All Permits Issued to 264 Barron Street Complete View
9/20/2017 Naheel Rantisi Chicago, IL 1043 S. York Rd., Unit 511 Water Bill & Violations Complete View
9/20/2017 Ryan Peterson Naperville, IL 1050/1060 E. Irving Park Road; 201 Division Street;
1141 Green Street Environmental Records
Complete View
9/20/2017 Thomas Peters Fox Lake, IL Permits Issued 8/1/17 - 9/1/17 with Construction Cost
of $400,000 or Greater
Complete View
9/20/2017 Moran Signs &
Lighting, Inc.
Bensenville, IL New Business Licenses Issued 8/1/17 - 9/20/17 Complete View
9/20/2017 SafeSpeed, LLC Chicago, IL RedSpeed Agreements and Invoices from 2016-2017 Complete View
9/21/2017 Juliana Renteria Des Plaines, IL Crime Report No. 17-6072 Complete  
9/21/2017 Rafael Gonzales Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-10200 Complete  
9/21/2017 Daria Palermo Chicago, IL All Invoices for Payment for Work Completed for
Special Service Area No. 1 to Schirott &
Luetkehans, P.C.
Complete View
9/22/2017 William Jensen Tarpon Springs, FL All Police Reports RE: Rose Jensen Complete