November 2017 Completed FOIA Requests

11/2/2017 Victor Lopez Chicago, IL Crime Report No. 17-11204 Complete  
11/2/2017 Kenneth Schoppe West Chicago, IL Crime Report No. 17-11774 Complete  
11/2/2017 Michelle Ziembarira Bensenville, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-11838 Complete  
11/2/2017 Joseph Venditty Maywood, IL All Police Reports RE: Anthony Almendarez
& Maritza Flores
11/2/2017 Godina-Arias 
Wood Dale, IL Crime Report No. 13-11779 Complete  
11/7/2017 Todd Abrams Hoffman Estates, IL Variances Issued Prior to 1/1/2011 Complete View
11/7/2017 Scott Reinl Bensenville, IL Business Licenses For General Lighting
and Electric and J.C. Plumbing
Complete View
11/7/2017 Thomas Peters Fox Vally, IL Building Permits Issued 9/1/17 - 11/7/17 with
Construction Value Greater Than $400,000
Complete View
11/7/2017 Dan Sweatt N/A Permits Issued 8/1/17 - 10/31/17 Complete View
11/7/2017 Robert Gornik Northlake, IL All Permits RE: 1156 S. York Road Complete View
11/9/2017 Julie Wylie Southeastern, PA Call for Service Report No. 17-8899 Complete  
11/9/2017 Steven Ruiz Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-11738 Complete  
11/9/2017 Alba Lupita-
Bensenville, IL Arrest Report No. 15-6887 Complete  
11/9/2017 Darrin Miller Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-12169 Complete  
11/9/2017 Aetna Bearing
Franklin Park, IL Crime Report No. 17-12029 Complete  
11/10/2017 Nick Solano Northbrook, IL 1141 E. Green Street Information Complete View
11/14/2017 Anthony Diskey Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-12348 Complete  
11/14/2017 Jake Griffin Arlington Heights, IL 2017 IML Conferance Information Complete  
11/15/2017 Dennis Fredrickson Addison, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-4063 &
DuCart Report
11/15/2017 Jeffrey Kroll Chicago, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-4063 &
DuCart Report
11/17/2017 Marcelo Smith Streamwood, IL 209 Marshall Road Records Complete View
11/17/2017 Ben Alonzo Downers Grove, IL 9 W. Brookwood St., 13 W. Brookwood St.,
220 N. York Rd., 220 N. York Rd. Records
Complete View
11/17/2017 Fabian Vazquez Palatine, IL 626 McLean Ave. Roof Permit Complete View
11/17/2017 Dariusz Wator Palos Hills, IL 210 W. Irving Park Rd. Zoning Information/
Complete View
11/17/2017 Lurasz Strok Chicago, IL Red Light Camera Hearing Recording from 
Complete View
11/17/2017 Jeffery Kalata Melrose Park, IL Current Disposal Contract and Invoice from 
October 2017
Complete View