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Village President Frank Soto
Frank Soto
Village President

12 South Center Street
Bensenville, IL  60106

Ph: (630) 350-3405
Fx: (630) 594-1105

Village President Frank Soto was elected in 2009 four years after the Village lost its battle against the expansion of O’Hare International Airport. When taking office, the Village was experiencing financial troubles, falling bond ratings, ignored flooding issues, crumbling infrastructure and extremely high vacancy rates in our industrial park. Frank Soto brought on a talented professional management team that worked to find solutions to the issues facing the Village and to re-brand Bensenville as a premier place to raise a family and locate your business. Since that time, under Frank Soto’s leadership, our Village has seen a remarkable turnaround.
Frank Soto attended Fenton High school. He obtained degrees in economics and business administration and worked as management and efficiency consultant prior to attending law school. Upon graduation, Frank Soto joined the law firm of Kupisch and Carbon, located on the corner of Church and Irving Park Road. During law school, Frank Soto worked for the Office of the Illinois Attorney’s General Office and as the McHenry County State’s Attorney. Frank Soto was also the Director of Administrative Hearings for the Illinois Office of the Secretary of State and Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Understanding the needs of the homeowners, Frank Soto developed a block-by-block study to improve our neighborhoods. Streets have been resurfaced, sidewalks and curbs repaired and much of areas of flooding has been resolved. Frank Soto created a long term strategic plan for the Village which includes economic development and planning, improved services, high level customer service, Village beautification, balance budgets, improved home values and the quality of lives of our community.

Since 2009, the Village has been operating under a balanced budget. During Frank Soto’s tenure as Village President, the Village received multiple bond rating increases from Moody’s Investors Service and Standard and Poor’s. The Village has also been awarded numerous awards for finance and budget excellence. When taking office, the Village’s industrial park had one of the highest vacancies in the region and, now, Bensenville has the lowest industrial vacancy rate in the area, just under 2.4%. Under Frank Soto’s leadership, Bensenville home values have been increasing. The recession adversely impacted home values throughout the area, Bensenville’s home values are increasing faster than other communities. In a 2015 report recent Chicago Metropolitan Agency Planning report showed that Bensenville’s home values increased by 17.90% from 2010-2015 and during that same time period home values declined -12.60% in Villa Park, -21.50% in Wood Dale and -.3% in Addison.

Bensenville has also been recognized as a leader in transparency in government by the Illinois Policy Institute and the Illinois Comptroller’s Office. Despite the lingering effects of the recession, Bensenville saw substantial business growth and sales tax growth since 2009. In addition to the industrial businesses, automobile dealerships, restaurants and a hotel, Jewel-Osco is opening their doors in January of 2016.

Bensenville was successful implementing a railroad Quiet Zone and Bensenville continues to be a leading advocate for operational changes at O’Hare International Airport to reduce the noise experienced by Bensenville residents. Bensenville was successful supporting the change of the noise standards for airports. Illinois and California are the only two states that have more stringent noise standards. Bensenville was able to convince the ONCC and O’Hare International Airport to revise its fly quiet program. This program has not been updated since 1997.

Frank Soto is a graduate of Fenton High School and earned degrees in economics and business administration, from Eastern Illinois University, and his Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School. Frank Soto is the proud father of three children and three step children. Three of his children are currently attending college, one of his children is attending Fenton High School, another is attending Blackhawk and other is a senior at Immaculate Conception High School. For years, Frank Soto coached baseball and basketball for the BBAA and basketball for Holy Family. One of his son’s, Frankie Soto, was a member of one of Bensenville Bandits’ football National Championship teams and plays on the Immaculate Conception High School football conference championship team.