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Bensenville Fact Check
Just because you read it on somebody’s blog or in an email from a friend or relative doesn’t mean it’s true. On this page, we feature a list of the false or misleading rumors we’re asked about most often, and a brief summary of the facts. As always, feel free to contact us anytime for questions or concerns by calling Village Hall or using the Action Hotline on our website.

Facts versus Rumors: Eliminating Misperceptions

  1. RUMOR: There is a Federal or State Investigation going on at the Village Hall or Public Works? I read that Shredding vehicles and Federal trucks where spotted on Village Property.

    The Village is not aware of any investigation by any State or Federal agency. 1. Over time the Village accumulates a large amount of paper documents. The Village retains these documents in accordance with the State of Illinois document retention laws. State law dictates that the Village has to retain certain types of documents for a defined number of years. Once documents have expired and the Village is no longer required to retain them the State will grant the Village permission to destroy old records in full compliance with the law. The Village’s Application for Authority to Dispose of Local Records (#06:008) with the State dates back to October 21, 2005. The “Application” lists in detail the guidelines of how long the Village is required to retain certain types of documents. See link for a copy of the Village’s State Application for Authority to Dispose of Local Records. 

    In addition to having the Application on file with the State, the Village periodically seeks approval from the State via a Records Disposal Certificate to destroy obsolete documents. See link #1 and Link #2 for the recent Village’s Records Disposal Certificates.

    Once the state approves disposition of records the Village is able to legally destroy its obsolete records. After approval from the State the Village contracts with a shredding company to actually perform the shredding. Over the past 5 years the Village has contracted with Paper Tiger Document Solutions to perform document destruction of obsolete Village files. See link for detailed invoices and purchase orders from the Paper Tiger Document Solutions company. 

    Routine shredding of outdated and obsolete files is a best practice in document retention and is a process performed routinely by virtually every municipality in the country. While certain files may no longer be of use for the Village they might contain sensitive information (addresses, billing records etc.) of residents, local businesses and vendors. It is incumbent on the Village as stewards of this information to keep this information protected as best we can. Part of keeping information protected is to make sure it is properly destroyed when it is no longer relevant. 

    See the following link for a quick guide on State Records Retention Requirements:

    For additional questions regarding the State of Illinois’ Records Retention Requirements contact

    Steve Colaizzi, Records Analyst
    Illinois Secretary of State

  2. RUMOR: The village debt is $130 million?

    FACT: Total Village Debt as of 12/31/2014 is $86,911,441. This consists of Governmental Type Debt of $72,049,836 + Business Type Debt of $14,861,605. See page 47 of the Village’s 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for this information. The Village’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was independently audited by the Accounting firm of Lauterbach and Amen LLP. . Click here to view

  3. RUMOR: The new police station cost 22 million dollars and took away from other services in town.

    FACT: The Village of Bensenville Police Station was budgeted at $16,000,000. The final cost of the project totaled $15.8 million. The Village issued bonds to pay for all costs associated with the police station. A large portion of those bonds, $6,815,000 were Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds which is a Federal funding program in which the Federal government rebates 70% of the interest paid on these bonds lowering our net interest rate to 1.5% on these bonds. No village services were cut to fund the new police station. These bonds are paid from alternative revenue sources, not property taxes.

  4. RUMOR: Andresens Bakery is closing down, just like Browns chicken.

    FACT: Andresen’s Bakery extended their lease and commitment to Bensenville. .Andresen’s has provided the finest baked goods for over 60 years to Bensenville residents and we look forward to many more years to come. In addition, Browns had been planning to close for several years- action taken by the Bensenville Community and Economic Development department allowed for the quick occupancy of the building with a new Popeye’s.

  5. RUMOR: The Village is forcing unincorporated White Pines to annex into the city.

    FACT: The Village initially offered unincorporated residents an opportunity to annex on a voluntary basis to receive Village assistance on the water system replacement. Many unincorporated residents objected to this opportunity. The current replacement proposal does not include or advocate annexation.

  6. RUMOR: The Village of Bensenville has been mismanaging white pines funds

    FACT: Click Here for a full accounting of the unincorporated utility fund dating back to its implementation in 1987.