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April 2016 Completed FOIA Requests

 4/5/2016  Cenobio Caivo  Elmhurst, IL  Current Water Bill,
 Violations and Permits
 for 228 Judson St.
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 4/5/2016  Kathleen Maly
 & Andre 
 Bensenville, IL  Non Crime/Other 
 Police Report No. 
 15-8929 & Call for
 Service Report No.
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 4/6/2016  Adam Zaranski  Franklin Park, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 16-2923
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 4/6/2016  Marta
 N/A  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 16-2982
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 4/6/2016  Carrie Koenig  Carpentersville,
 All Police Reports for
 Reginald Gates
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 4/7/2016  Safeguard
 Valley View, OH  401 S. Barron St.
 Violations and 
 Water Bill
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 4/12/2016  Louise
 Heights, IL
 1008 Stoneham 
 Water Bill, Permits
 and Violations
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 4/12/2016  Alisa Allen  Winfield, IL  340 S. County Line
 Rd. Permits
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 4/12/2016  Eileen Ricci  Schaumburg, IL  Current Water Bill for
 321 McLean Avenue
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 4/12/2016  Kalina
 Antioch, IL  All Information 
 Pertaining to 245-
 255 William St.
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 4/12/2016  Mark Keane  Bensenville, IL  DVD of White Pines
 Meeting Held at 
 Bensenville Police
 Station on March 15,
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 4/14/2016  Brendan Bakala  Chicago, IL  Rory Group, LLC
 Payments and 
 Agreement from 2015
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 4/18/2016  Josephine
 Franklin Park, IL  All Police Reports 
 Pertaining to Jeffrey
 B. McConnell from 
 2008 - Present
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 4/18/2016  Dinami, Inc.  Schaumburg, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 10-14949
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 4/18/2016  Michael
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 16-1763
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 4/18/2016  Andre
 Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Police Report No.
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 4/20/2016  Kristina Kaney  Chicago, IL  Original Building 
 Permit for 500
 S. York Rd.
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 4/20/2016  Sarah Calderone  Forest Park, IL  Municipal Building(s)
 Alarm and Camera
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 4/20/2016  Timothy
 Northbrook, IL  800-820 Thorndale
 Ave. Information
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 4/21/2016  Michael Kais  Chicago, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 16-2982
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 4/21/2016  Jason Mark
 Bensenville, IL  Incident Report 
 No. 2006-12027
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 4/25/2016  Agnes 
 Chicago, IL  136 N. Center St.
 Violations and Water
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 4/26/2016  Agnes 
 Chicago, IL  751 S. Center St.
 Violations and Water
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 4/26/2016  Luke Savitch  Chicago, IL  722 W. Hillside Dr.
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 4/28/2016  Carlos Ortiz  Bensenville, IL  122 N. Mason St. 
 Water Bills from 
 December 1, 2015 - 
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 4/28/2016  Todd Ritsema  Crown Point, IN  1131-1139 Center St.
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 4/29/2016  Heather Youstra  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report No.
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 4/29/2016  Janel Molitor  Schaumberg, IL  Arrest Report No.
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 4/29/2016  Brandi Martinez  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report No.
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