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June 2017 Completed FOIA Requests

 6/1/2017  Samuel Lee
 Mitchell III
 Kenileorth, IL  Arrest Report
 No. 14-10313
 6/1/2017  Jeff Schultz  South Elgin, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 17-5367
 6/1/2017  Jeff Schultz  South Elgin, IL  Call for Service 
 Report No. 17-4748
 & Call for Service
 Report No. 17-4743
 6/5/2017  Olga
 Chicago, IL  225 S. York Road
 Water Bill & Violations
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 6/5/2017  Peter Vrame  Elk Grove
 Village, IL
 1180 Industrial Drive
 Violations Past & 
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 6/5/2017  Sam Stecklow  Chicago, IL  Police Department
 Policies and Forms
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 6/7/2017  Justyna
 N/A  400 County Club Dr.
 USTs & ASTs Records
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 6/7/2017  Jorge
 Chicago, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 17-5381
 6/7/2017  Koam
 Villa Park, IL  Crime Report
 No. 17-5293
 6/7/2017  Netto
 Estates, IL
 Crime Report
 No. 17-5091
 6/7/2017  Peter Vrame  Elk Grove
 Village, IL
 1180 Industrial Dr.
 Water Bill
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 6/7/2017  Warisha 
 N/A  Commission & Board
 Volunteer Application
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 6/7/2017  Richard
 Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 17-5374
 6/7/2017  Donna
 Lockport, IL  Call for Service 
 Report No. 17-5586
 6/7/2017  Amit Singh  Addison, IL  1047 S. York Rd., #G
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 6/8/2017  Robin Thomas  Warrenville, IL  200 E. Red Oak Ave.
 Water Bill & Violations
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 6/8/2017  Marni Pyke  Daily Herald  Pedestrian/Cyclist
 Fatalities from January
 2012 - December 2016
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 6/8/2017  Ralph Storto  Bensenville, IL  406 S. Mason St.
 Rental Registration
 Information from 
 January 1, 2013 - 
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 6/9/2017  Megan
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 No. 17-5342
 6/9/2017  Jeffrey Kroll  Chicago, IL  Police Report
 No. 17-4063
 6/9/2017  Alicja Sroka  Chicago, IL  221 S. York Rd.
 Water Bill & Violations
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 6/14/2017  Joe Maulsby  Fort Worth, TX  854 Golf Lane 
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 6/14/2017  Musa Othman  Bolingbrook, IL  Redspeed Invoices
 from 2016
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 6/14/2017  Anita
 Chicago, IL  251 Mohawk Dr.
 Violations & Water Bill
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 6/14/2017  Troy Golden  Warrenville, IL  Current Business
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 6/15/2017  Matthew 
 Chicago, IL  RedSpeed Camera
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 6/16/2017  Bella Costa  N/A  Volunteer Information
 for Commissions/
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 6/16/2017  Thomas 
 Glenview, IL  Potable Well within
 One-Half Mile Radius
 of 1100 N. Ellis Street
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 6/16/2017  City of 
 Chicago, IL  244 George St., Apt
 A Water Bills for the
 Past Six Months
 6/19/2017  Julie Wylie  Southeastern,
 Call for Service
 Report No. 17-5598
 6/19/2017  Renee Pillis  Bensenvile, IL  Arrest Report
 No. 17-4323
 6/19/2017  Antonia
 De La Cruz
 Bensenville, IL  All Police Reports
 RE: Carlos De La Cruz
 6/19/2017  Gregory 
 Park, IL
 All Police Reports
 RE: 304 Spruce Ave.
 Within the Last
 Three Years
 6/19/2017  Jennifer
 Lombard, IL  All Police Reports
 RE: 100 Block of
 Ridgewood Ave. Since
 2004 & All Violations for 
 169 Ridgewood Ave.
 Since 2004
 6/20/2017  Julie Wylie  Southeastern,
 Crime Report 
 No. 17-5087
 6/20/2017  Julie Wylie   Southeastern, 
 Crime Report
 No. 17-5087a
 6/20/2017  Olga Salgado  Chicago, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 17-5991
 6/20/2017  Elidia Funes  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 09-020252
 6/21/2017  Thomas
 Fox Lake, IL  Building Permits Issued
 5/1/17 - 6/21/17 With
 Construction Value
 of $400,000 or Greater
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 6/21/2017  Caitlin 
 Terrace, IL
 Certificate of Occupancy
 for: Allmetal, Inc.;
 Todd Transit, Inc.;
 Garlock Chicago, Inc.;
 CPAP Supply Limited
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 6/22/2017  Renee Pillis   Bensenville, Il  Call for Service 
 Report No. 17-4252