February 2019 Completed FOIA Requests

2/1/2019 Cassie Dumoulin Downers Grove, IL 1156 S. York Rd.; 1151 S. York Rd.;
145 E. Grand Ave.; 133 W. Grand Ave.;
201 W. Grand Ave.; 333 W. Grand Ave.
Environmental Records
Complete View
2/1/2019 Reginlad Nederman Los Angeles, CA 957-1001 Bryn Mawr Ave. 
Environmental Records
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2/5/2019 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL Accident Reports from 1/18/19 - 2/1/19 Complete  
2/5/2019 Hugo Viveros Schaumburg, IL New Business Licenses, New Commercial
Construction Permits, Sign Permits Issued
12/1/18 - Present
Complete View
2/5/2019 Matthew Gugala Carol Stream, IL New Commercial Construction Permits
Issued 12/5/18 - Present
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2/5/2019 Ryan Hoff Geneva, IL 1071 Waveland Avenue Environmental
Complete View
2/6/2019 Kristen Perez Bolingbrook, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-1542 Complete  
2/7/2019 Frank Silva Mundelein, IL 1106 Stoneham St. Water Bill, Violations
and Permits
Complete View
2/7/2019 Vito Notarnicola Bensenville, IL All Police Calls RE: 222 Sivert Ct. from 2018 Complete View
2/8/2019 Edder Pucci Bensenville, IL Call for Service Reports No. 
19-0644 & 19-0789
2/11/2019 Gabriel Torres Chicago, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 19-1739 Complete  
2/11/2019 Auburn Parks Jr. Itasca, IL Call for Service Reports No. 19-1519 & 19-1795 Complete  
2/13/2019 Eileen Flood Oakbrook
Terrace, IL
Current Refuse Agreement Complete View
2/13/2019 Kristine Arch Yorkville, IL 430 Podlin Dr. Environmental Records Complete View
2/13/2019 Thomas Peters Fox Lake, IL New Construction Permits Issued from 
1/1/19 - Present with Construction Value of
$400K or Greater
Complete View
2/13/2019 Alexis Vadnais Oklahoma City, OK 1160-1200 N. Ellis St. Violations Complete View
2/14/2019 Jim Tait Wheeling, IL 2014 Bid Results for Tall Grass Complete View
2/14/2019 Edwin Ettswold Lake Geneva, WI All Police Reports RE: Edwin Ettswold Complete  
2/14/2019 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL Amount Paid to Christopher Burke Engineering
for Work done for Unincorporated Bensenville
Complete View
2/21/2019 G&I IX 222
Sivert, LLC
Rosemont, IL 222 Sivert Court Building Reocrds Complete View
2/21/2019 Sudona Funches Naperville, IL Police Report No. 19-1374 Complete  
2/21/2019 Manuel Torres Hanover Park, IL 213 Rose Street & 428 S. Walnut Street
Water Bill & Violations
Complete View
2/21/2019 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL Accident Reports from 2/2/19 - 2/18/19 Complete  
2/21/2019 James Breen Franklin Park, IL 181 May Street #1 Violations Complete View
2/22/2019 Eliza Segura Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 18-13442 Complete  
2/22/2019 Armando Baltazar Bensenville, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 19-1977 Complete  
2/22/2019 Stateline 
Antioch, IL 1011 Sesame Street Building Records Complete View
2/22/2019 Stateline
Antioch, IL 1011 Sesame Street Fire Records Complete View
2/22/2019 Christopher Hacker Chicago, IL 911 Calls to Service 1000 W. Green Street
Since January 1, 1998
Complete View
2/25/2019 Oscar Lucos Addison, IL Incident Report No. 2007-6704 Complete  
2/25/2019 Leticia Gomez Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 1997-7734 Complete  
2/25/2019 Richard Shike Palatine, IL Police Report No. 19-2203 Complete  
2/25/2019 Eliza Segura Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-2312 Complete  
2/25/2019 Tiffany Kalinka Island Lake, IL Sex offender Registration Form Complete  
2/25/2019 Yenedid Olea Chicago, IL Incident Report No. 1998-13240 Complete  
2/25/2019 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL All Pipe Replacements and Cost for 
Unincorporated Bensenville
Complete View
2/25/2019 James Brill N/A Legal Documents Filed Against the Village
of Bensenville by Gina Mellenthin
Complete View
2/26/2019 Rita Kreslin Schaumburg, IL Number of DUI Arrests from 2018 Complete  
2/26/2019 Raof Ahmed Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-2480 Complete  
2/26/2019 Eddar Pucci Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-2482 Complete  
2/26/2019 Maciej Maslak Wheeling, IL Crime Report No. 18-15849 Complete  
2/27/2019 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL Accounting Information for Transfer Out of Funds
Regarding the Unincorporated Fund 
Complete View
2/28/2019 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL Emails or Texts Sent by Frank DeSimone to Jim Brill
or Kelly Novello or Marianne Faraone from 
January 2018 - February 2019
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2/28/2019 Kelly Livigni Chicago, IL 540 East Jefferson Street Water Bill Complete View
2/28/2019 James Brill N/A Letter Submitted to Village Board from Fire 
Protection District No. 1 on February 26, 2019 and
All FOIA Requests Submitted by Gina Mellenthin
from February 15, 2019 - Present
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