May 2019 Completed FOIA Requests

5/1/2019 Misty Sims Lakeland, FL 437 S. York Rd. Water Bill & Violations Complete View
5/6/2019 Erik Schulze Naperville, IL Police Reports/Code Violations for Sign
at 229 W. Grand Avenue Between
1/1/15 - 10/31/18
Complete View
5/6/2019 "Daniel" Ye
Chan Kwak
Northbrook, IL Crime Report No. 16-11521 Complete  
5/6/2019 Paul Leuzzi Arlington Height,
All Police Reports RE: Luis Aceuedo Complete  
5/6/2019 Maria Villegas Addison, IL All Police Reports RE: Maria Villegas Complete  
5/6/2019 Xiomara Herrera Glen Ellyn, IL Arrest Report No. 15-13125 Complete  
5/7/2019 Paul De Michele Bensenville, IL Documents Supporting Agenda Item VIII
E2 from April 23, 2019
Complete View
5/8/2019 Dave Bartlett Roselle, IL 181 S. York Rd. Violations and Zoning Complete View
5/8/2019 Hugo Viveros Schaumburg, IL New Business Licenses; New Commercial 
Construction Permits; Sign Permits Issued
4/1/19 - Present
Complete View
5/9/2019 Karen Barbi Southeastern, PA Crime Report No. 19-4872 Complete  
5/9/2019 Karen Barbi Southeastern, PA Crime Report No. 18-15705 Complete  
5/9/2019 Manuel Torres Hanover Park, IL 852 Pamela Dr. & 232 N. Walnut St., Unit B
Water Bill, Violations, Open Permits
Complete View
5/9/2019 Thomas Peters Fox Lake, IL New Construction Permits Issued 4/1/19 - 
Present with Construction Value of $400K
or Greater
Complete View
5/9/2019 Daniela Diez Alexandria, VA All Police Reports RE: Maria Felix Amador
5/10/2019 Erik Schulze Naperville, IL All Photos for Inspection No. 45700, 46599, 47247,
47784, 47955, 48124
Complete View
5/10/2019 George Kim Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-3532 Complete  
5/10/2019 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL Accident Reports from 4/24/19 - 5/9/19 Complete  
5/10/2019 Todd Cook Bensenville, IL New Water Customers Since December 1, 2018 Complete View
5/10/2019 James Brill N/A All Filings for DuPage Circuit Court Case No.
2018CH001065 Since April 11, 2019
Complete View
5/14/2019 Regina Castillo Chicago, IL Arrest Report No. 19-5553 Complete  
5/15/2019 Colin Pannier Chicago, IL Information Pertaining to Unincorporated Properties
Between Foster Avenue and Devon Avenue
Complete View
5/15/2019 Tyler Fisher Bellwood, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-5997 Complete  
5/15/2019 Scott Hamilton Schaumburg, IL Call for Service Report No. 18-12309 Complete  
5/16/2019 Maria Kharot Chicago, IL 1021 Daniel Dr. Water Bill, Violations, Permits Complete View
5/17/2019 Hailee Velasquez Bensenville, IL Police Report No. 19-12638 & All Police Reports
RE: Shuntel Martin
5/17/2019 Republic Services Mount Prospect, IL New Business Licenses Issued Since 2/1/19 Complete View
5/17/2019 Price Sowers Wood Dale, IL Sludge Hauling Agreement Complete View
5/20/2019 Paul De Michele Bensenville, IL Senior Grass Cutting Program Participants and
Complete View
5/21/2019 Kasia
Chicago, IL 343 S. Briar Lane Water Bill, Violations, Permits Complete View
5/22/2019 Vicky Kyros Norridge, IL Crime Report No. 19-6137 Complete  
5/22/2019 Karen Barbi Southeastern, PA Crime Report No. 19-6035 Complete  
5/24/2019 Kenzie Stednitz Chicago, IL 720 & 740 E. Green Street Environmental Records,
Permits & Violations 
Complete View
5/24/2019 Selena Garcia N/A Current Janitorial Services Agreement Complete View
5/24/2019 Rick Langlais Rock Island, IL Crime Report No. 19-5507 Complete  
5/24/2019 Phillip Lyons Bensenville, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 19-6366 Complete  
5/24/2019 Julieanne
Elmhurst, IL List of Properties the have a Violation and/or
Water Shut Off Since January 1, 2019
Complete View