September 2019 Completed FOIA Requests

9/3/2019 Drew Zimmerman N/A TIF Questions Complete View
9/3/2019 Christopher Holland Chicago, IL All Police Reports RE: Christopher Holland
from 2018
9/3/2019 James Brill N/A DuPage County Case No. 18CH001065 Filings
Since August 15, 2019
Complete View
9/3/2019 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Complete View
9/3/2019 Jay Song Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 19-8401 Complete   
9/3/2019 Sylwester Chwalek Crystal Lake, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-11414 Complete  
9/9/2019 Kelly Kuechle Villa Park, IL Village Manager Agreement Complete View
9/9/2019 Jaricza Zauala-
Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 19-8414 Complete  
9/9/2019 Petra Sestakova Wood Dale, IL 202 Rose Street Water Bill & Violations Complete View
9/9/2019 Jamie Williams Oswego, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-0404 Complete  
9/9/2019 Vanessa Silveyra Chicago, IL Accident Reports from 8/23/19 - 9/6/19 Complete  
9/9/2019 Law Office of
Art Gonzalez
Elgin, IL 221 N. Franzen St. Violations, Water Bill, 
Permits and Zoning 
Complete View
9/10/2019 Chris Jacskon Chicago, IL 100 Leland Court Violations  Complete View
9/11/2019 Jack Schafer Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 19-11719 Complete  
9/11/2019 Kyle Brady Naperville, IL Incident Report No. 19-8410 Complete  
9/13/2019 Lynda Miller Arlington Heights,
1208 West Irving Park Road General and HVAC
Complete View
9/13/2019 Michael Berman Chicago, IL 951 Thorndale Avenue Building Permits Complete View
9/16/2019 Paul De Michele Bensenville, IL 2018 Salary Information  Complete View
9/16/2019 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL 4N150 Pine Grove Water Bills from 1970 - 1990 Complete View
9/17/2019 Kayla Molander Chicago, IL All Police Reports RE: 130 George St. Apt. 117
from 1988-1990
9/17/2019 Ramis memishi Summit, IL 213 N. Walnut St. Permits and Incentives from the
Complete View
9/17/2019 Maureen Barr Auston, PA 800-820 West South Thorndale Ave Records Complete View
9/17/2019 Grandview
Capital, LLC
Bensenville, IL 416 Barron Street Letter of Intent for Driveway Complete View