Mosquito Control Services

Residents now have an easier way to report nuisance mosquitoes, standing water and receive notifications of scheduled mosquito control treatments in your neighborhood.

Clarke has been providing public health mosquito control services since the company's founding in 1946. Clarke has the industry’s largest in-house staff dedicated to public health mosquito control, including entomologists, biologists, environmental scientists, research and development scientists and regulatory affairs professionals. The Clarke team works for you. Clarke Services Flyer

Need to report nuisance mosquitoes or standing water?

Go to to report standing water issues or high mosquito population levels from your laptop or phone.

Do you want to be notified of nighttime adult mosquito applications?

You can sign up for notifications by going to Click 'REGISTER FOR SERVICE NOTIFICATIONS' at the bottom. Complete the information and create your own password, then click 'submit'. Your location will be verified to see if you live along an application route. 

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