January 2021 Completed FOIA Requests

1/5/2021 Jennifer Marsh Batavia, IL Fence Permits Issued in 2020 Complete View
1/5/2021 Laura Rodriguez N/A Arrest Report No. 09-19327 Complete  
1/5/2021 Brentwood Commons
Station, LLC
Cincinnati, OH Call for Service Report No. 20-13120 Complete  
1/5/2021 Michael Hriso Bensenville, IL Police Report for Michael Hriso from 2016 Complete  
1/5/2021 Amy Gutzmer Lombard, IL 500-510 Country Club Drive Violations and
Zoning Information
Complete View
1/5/2021 Jacki Perconte Oak Brook, IL 500 County Club Drive Violations and Permits Complete View
1/7/2021 Hanna Bacon Elmhusrt, IL Objections to Petitions; Electoral Board Decision;
Hearing Transcripts for April 6, 2021 Election
Complete View
1/12/2021 Thomas Pontikis Chicago, IL 1241 N. Ellis Street Fire Report Complete  
1/13/2021 Kimberly Nikas Franklin Park, 
Call for Service Report No. 20-13219 Complete  
1/13/2021 Anastasia Karovic Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 21-0301 Complete  
1/14/2021 Paul De Michele Bensenville, IL All Communication with James Brill Since October
1, 2020 and Salary Information for E. Summers,
J. Caracci, S. Viger and M. Ribando
Complete View
1/15/2021 Ryan Hoff Geneva, IL 115-210 Gateway Road UST, AST and Hazardous
Complete View
1/15/2021 Matthew Gugala Carol Stream,
Construction Permits Issued Since November
13, 2020
Complete View
1/15/2021 Tim Webster Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 21-0032 Complete  
1/15/2021 Sandra Gomez
Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 20-1035 Complete  
1/15/2021 Cesar A. Lucas G. Addison, IL Call for Service Report No. 21-0382 Complete  
1/15/2021 Theresa Ferguson Springfield, IL 703 South York Road Police Calls Since 1/1/2018 Complete  
1/15/2021 Patricia Gutierrez
Chicago, IL 240 Poppy Lane Permits, Violations and Water
Complete View
1/15/2021 State Farm Insrunace Phoenix, AZ Incident Report No. 20-1037 Complete  
1/15/2021 Applied GeoScience, 
Schaumburg, IL 520 South County Line Road Violations, UST,
AST and Hazardous Spills
Complete View
1/18/2021 Madeleine Davison Chicago, IL Police Time Off From 1/4/2021 - 1/8/2021 Complete View