Inspectional Services

Inspectional Services
Inspectional Services provides inspectors to the public year round. A team of qualified inspectors perform inspections of Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Multiple Family occupancies.

Inspections Required
  • Annual Residential Rental Inspection
  • Annual Non-Residential Inspection
  • Annual Liquor License Inspection
  • New Business License Inspection
  • Customer Requested Inspection
  • Real Estate Transfer Inspection
The Inspection Process
During the inspection process inspectors may identify problems and concerns ranging from life safety issues to property maintenance issues. Each inspection type has a checklist of items that need to be verified for compliance with the Building and Property Maintenance Codes. The property owner is required to bring the property into compliance with all applicable codes.

The Annual Rental Registration process takes place each year starting in October.

Residential Rental inspections shall be scheduled within 30 days of registering the property. All inspections shall be completed by October 1st of each year. Rental Registrations completed after October 1st shall be inspected by December 31st.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the property owner/management to register and schedule inspections.

Non-residential inspections will be completed on an annual basis as well, but are generally performed in groups based on geography. These inspections typically occur in a door to door visit by our inspectors, rather than on a predetermined date.

If there is an issue or complaint within our community that requires the Village’s attention, a Community and Economic Development Inspector will be available to help solve the problem. Bensenville Report a Concern (powered by SeeClickFix) helps residents reach the Village online or via their smartphone to request services or get help resolving issues.

By using the SeeClickFix request form your concerns are communicated directly to the Village staff that is responsible for resolving the issue. Residents are encouraged to create a profile on SeeClickFix so that Bensenville Report a Concern can keep you informed on the status of your request and those created by your neighbors. Certain issues cannot be reported if you don’t create a user profile.

Any requests not specifically listed on the request form should be reported to the Report a Concern Center at 630-594-1515 and all inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible. For Emergency matters, residents should still call 911 immediately.

After every inspection the Village inspector will provide the customer with an anonymous Customer Comment card. These feedback cards can be mailed back to Village Hall at no cost and are sent directly to the Village Manager’s Office.

For any questions regarding one of these inspection types or to schedule an inspection contact Community and Economic Development at 630.350.3413

The Community and Economic Development Inspectors
The Community and Economic Development Inspectors conduct life safety, property maintenance, business license, liquor license, and rental property inspections throughout the year. These inspections are performed at all residential rental properties (both single family and multiple family), as well as at each nonresidential property once a year.

For any questions regarding one of these inspection types contact Community and Economic Development at 630.350.3413