The Forestry Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of the Village’s Urban Forest. The Village of Bensenville is currently responsible for over 6,000 trees, the largest percentage of which are Silver Maples, making up 14% of the urban forest. Trees range in size from a newly planted 2” diameter tree, to the largest tree coming in at 45” in diameter.

A majority of our forestry technicians are International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist, including one Municipal Specialist. This means that our employees have been specifically and rigorously trained in the arboriculture field. The skills needed to earn these certifications are: proper pruning techniques, job safety and regulation knowledge, tree identification, proper removal methods, tree planting operations, equipment operation and maintenance, rigging methods, and pest control; all along with hands-on training and experience.

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The Village Horticulturalist leads the division in planting bed design, purchasing and improving the Village aesthetics with ground cover, shubbery and flowers.

Our Forestry Division continues to improve our urban forest with a 4-year pruning cycle. Each year, one of the 4 maintenance areas in town undergoes a strict pruning cycle, where each tree is inspected and pruned to healthy and aesthetically pleasing standards. This process removes dangerous or hazardous branches, dead wood, and eliminates possible future accidents. This ensures a long and healthy life for the tree.

This division is responsible for the removal of hazardous and dead Village trees in parkways and Village properties. This is become a corner stone for this department over the last few years due to the devastation from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). 15% of the village’s forest were Green Ash, all of which were infected with this beetle. For more information on EAB visit

Another large role our forestry division plays is that of adding to our urban forest. Each year this division plants over 100 new trees! This greatly improves the urban forest diversity, and creates a great new look for the Village of Bensenville.

Other responsibilities this division upholds are snow removal, brush collection, street sweeping, holiday decorating, equipment maintenance, and wind and rainstorm clean-up.
Four full-time Foresters accomplish this work with 3-4 seasonal assistants.