Vehicle and Building Maintenance

The Building and Vehicle Maintenance Division maintains and repairs all Village-owned buildings and vehicles. Oversight is provided by a full-time Supervisor.

The Building Maintenance crew completed renovations in 2016/2017 of the Village Hall Finance Counter, Public Works Lobby, Aquatics Lighting and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Administration Building. They repair vandalism damage and repairs to Village rental and leased properties. Graffiti removal is handled by this division after a Police report is made. Work requires skills in electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, painting, carpentry, drywall, lighting and interior and exterior structures. This is accomplished by two full-time technicians and a seasonal assistant.

The Vehicle Division maintains and repairs the village fleet by performing all preventative maintenance as well as unplanned repairs to about 90 vehicles. The division ensures that vehicles are operating properly and safely. This is accomplished by two full-time mechanics.