Village Administration

The Village operates under the Council-Manager form of local government which combines the political leadership of elected officials with the managerial experience of a professional Village Manager. Bensenville has eight elected officials -- six Trustees, a Clerk, and a President.

Together, the President and Village Board of Trustees create policy and direction for the Village. They perform such functions as passing resolutions and ordinances, approving the expenditure of money, levying taxes, approving subdivisions, zoning, and other land use regulations, and generally deciding on important issues which affect the Village of Bensenville.

The Village Board appoints the Village Manager by majority vote for an indefinite term, based solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications. The Village Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Village, responsible for implementation of Board policies and goals and managing all services provided to Village residents. Village Department Directors report to the Village Manager and are charged with directing the activities of the respective departments. Please refer to the links on the left for the information contained in this section.

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