Student Watch Program

The Student Watch Program is a comprehensive approach to school safety that addresses school safety problems by evaluating physical conditions such as lights, locks, alarms, and cameras, as well as cultural and social variables such as bullying, violence, crime and vandalism that may promote an unsafe environment. The steps in the program model are:

  • Form an action team (draw leadership from the student body)
  • Identify safety, criminal and security problems (district and schools)
  • Hold a school safety and security forum (seminars)
  • Develop an action plan (design plans with school administrators and student body)
  • Publicize your initiative
  • Advocate for your cause
  • Evaluate success and revise the plan

This program requires the involvement from parents, students, educators, school administrators, and the Police Departments, who are stakeholders, in the school district.

If you are interested in learning more please contact 630-350-3455.