Detective Division

The DeteBensenvillePD_Star_2020ctive Division of the Bensenville Police Department is under the direction of the Sgt. Swanson who is responsible for the overall operation of the division.

The Detective Division’s mission and primary responsibility is to thoroughly investigate felony and serious misdemeanor crimes occurring within Bensenville’s jurisdiction and to identify, arrest, and present offenders to the judicial system. Investigators work cooperatively with officers and investigators from other divisions, personnel from other city departments, other local, state and federal agencies, and citizens to accomplish this mission. 

Through cooperative efforts, not only are crimes and patterns detected, suspects identified, located, and arrested, but also awareness and prevention programs are initiated to protect lives and property enhancing the quality of life in Bensenville.

The Detective Division is structured to deliver services efficiently and effectively to the citizens of Bensenville. The Detective Division is under the direction of Sgt.Swanson (Division’s Commander). 

For more information the Detective Division during business hours at: 630-350-3455.