Patrol Division

Uniform Patrol is the backbone of the Bensenville Police Department with all other division supporting the activities of patrol. Uniform Patrol Officers respond to calls for police services as well as taking initial criminal investigative reports. Patrol officers are the first to respond to all critical incidents and are responsible for the handling of the situation until assistance arrives. Quick response times to citizen requests are important to the Uniform Patrol Division.

Uniform Patrol is divided into two (2), 12 hour shifts.  The shifts, when fully complimented, contain a Sergeant, Patrol Beat Officers, and Rovers (back up officers).  During peak days, the streets can also be patrolled by Detectives. The Village of Bensenville is divided into two separate areas for patrol assignments.  Beat 1 comprises of north of the railroad tracks and Beat 2 comprises of south of the railroad tracks.

The areas are based on the total number of calls for service each year in an effort to balance out the work loads for the officers and to add attention to higher reported crime areas. These areas are reviewed regularly by the shift commanders and the Chief of Police. Officers are not assigned to the same area daily in an effort to keep them familiar with the neighborhood problems of the entire Village.