“When we needed to move to a larger warehouse in Bensenville, the first call I made was to the Bensenville Community & Economic Development Department.  The staff was very helpful in guiding us to the appropriate staff member in the Building division, who expedited all of our required permits. We were able to arrange all of the permits and inspections in a short time, which allowed us to easily make our planned moving date. They made things so easy. They were an amazing partner in our move.” -- Douglas Kahn, President and COO, Related Products Inc.

“Flawless and Exceptional Service! I appreciate the professionalism with each and every encounter I have ever had with the Village of Bensenville. The whole team really does go the extra mile to ensure the job gets done, and done right.”” -- Diego De Astis, De Astis Partners

"Once we had our sights set on re-locating from Chicago to the Village of Bensenville in 2005, the team at the Village made it unbelievably easy to move through the permit process when we renovated our building. They worked with us hand in hand as a partnership. Now that we are expanding and purchasing additional property in Bensenville, we are happy to say once again, that the team at the Village has been available and responsive, helping to make our expansion as seamless as possible." -- Janet Kaiser, Century Metal Spinning Co.

"Having worked with a few different cities in the past, it can be difficult at times to get ahold of the right people to talk to and voice your concerns. That was not the case with Village of Bensenville, everyone was helpful and polite. I am looking forward to working with the Village of Bensenville in the near future." --  John Sadik, GEM Car Wash

“Looking back on our search for a new community partner and on our move from our Franklin Park facility that had been home for 50+ ears, your Village team helped make our selection and transition so very smooth and transparent to both our ACE Metal Crafts family and to our customers” --Jean Pitzo, ACE Metal Crafts Co.

“When we first came to visit with you back towards the end of 2009, you and your team welcomed our company into the village and made it extremely easy to relocate.  We had similar conversation at the time with neighboring towns/villages and none went as smooth as our conversation with Bensenville. This gave us a high level of confidence that we made the right choice.” --Jeff Gosmire, The PRI Group, LLC

"It's rare to find a municipality that takes the concept of a public private partnership as seriously as the Village of Bensenville. From the planning of the original concept to the completion of the tenant finish out, Bensenville was with us every step of the way. We look forward to working with the Village of Bensenville's development team in the future as we pursue real estate development opportunities." --Mike Wauterlek, Partner, Hamilton Partners Real Estate