Heroin In DuPage County

WHEATON, Ill. – “Not my kid.” That’s what Kim, one DuPage County mother, thought about heroin use. Her son was an accomplished athlete with a normal childhood and a strong circle of friends.

Yet Kim discovered what police departments throughout DuPage County have found: heroin truly is an equal opportunity epidemic. Its reach cuts across all age groups and socioeconomic groups, and its consequences are deadly. Kim and her son Nick, a recovering heroin addict, share their powerful story in a new video from the City of Wheaton Communications Department, “Heroin in DuPage County: An Equal Opportunity Epidemic.”

The show’s moderator, Kent Williams of the DuPage County Chiefs of Police Association, says Nick and Kim’s story reflects a growing epidemic in the area. In the month of July 2013 alone, there were 18 heroin deaths in DuPage County. 

“It’s a living nightmare, and it’s here to stay,” Williams said. “Really, the only answer to this nightmare is early intervention through education.” 

The Wheaton Police Department encourages you to watch this video, which is available on the City’s website and on City of Wheaton Channel 10 (CWC10). 

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Wheaton Public Relations Coordinator Susan Bishel, 630-260-2191