White Pines Subdivision Water System

Proposal - White Pines Water System - May 20, 2016
Dear Board of Directors,

The Village of Bensenville is pleased to provide this proposal in response to your formal request dated April 22, 2016. Our proposal is consistent with discussions between the Village and the WPCA over the past few years. Our goals remain the same - to provide a reliable water distribution system that will allow the Village of Bensenville to deliver the very best in quality water to the residents of White Pines, to install a system that is accessible for maintenance purposes, and to offer a system that maintains the necessary fire flow protection for emergency situations.

Our proposal will identify a recommended project to be constructed, discuss funding options and strategies, and present a rate structure to support the ongoing operation, maintenance and infrastructure needs.

At the request of the White Pines Civic Association, the Village is offering this proposal as an alternative to a previous proposal that included annexation.
We hope that this proposal meets your needs. If you require any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to call...


White Pines Water System Reference Documents - October 28, 2015
The Village of Bensenville and the residents of the White Pines Subdivision have been discussing ways to improve the White Pines Area Water System for over a decade. There have been many discussions and comments recently regarding a Village Plan to replace the water system. Various documents have been distributed and can be found at this site.

A letter to all White Pines residents was sent out on October 28, 2015 to address questions generated by the White Pines Civic Association in which many of these documents were referenced. These documents can be accessed simply by clicking on the link to the document below.