Comprehensive Bike Plan

Comprehensive Bike Plan

In March 2016, the Village Board adopted the Bensenville Active Transportation Plan developed by a Village steering committee, residents, key stakeholders and the consultants from Active Transportation Alliance. The Plan is on the Village website HERE . 

The Village intends to make significant progress on our bike plan with connections to Elmhurst (Salt Creek River Trail, Great Western Trail and Prairie Path), Wood Dale (Salt Creek River Trail) and Elk Grove Village (Busse Woods) by 2018. Details can be seen on the bike route map. 

The first leg of the plan’s implementation begins this summer with the construction of the Church Road Shared Use Path (as part of the Church Road resurfacing project). This project will construct an off street shared use path on the east side of Church Road from Grand Avenue to Jefferson Street / 3rd Avenue. The project will also include a much needed resurfacing of Church Road along this same stretch. The Village is pleased to have been awarded a CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality) grant to fund 80% of this portion of the Church Road Shared Use Path and a LAFO (Local Agency Functional Overlay) grant to fund 70% of the roadway component. A shared use path is at least eight feet wide and off-street designed for pedestrian and recreational users. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has a June 10, 2016 bid letting date for the project. This project is scheduled to take place between July and October this construction season. 

In 2017, we plan to continue our path along Church Road with another joint roadway / shared use path from Jefferson Street to Grove Avenue. This project will include the complete reconstruction of Church Road and the installation of the off street path. Preliminary concepts show the path on the east side of the road to Memorial Road and then transitioning to the west side from Memorial Road to Grove Avenue. The Village again has secured funding for this stretch in the form of a TCM (Transportation Control Measures) grant funding 75% of the bike path and STP (Surface Transportation Program) grant to fund 70% of the roadway reconstruction. 

Also in 2017, a northern leg of our bike plan will begin with the installation of an off street shared used path as part of the Elgin O’Hare Western Access (EOWA) I-390 Project being performed by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA). This path will run along IL83 from Bryn Mawr to Mark Street and also along the new EOWA frontage road from the Bensenville / Wood Dale border to Supreme Drive.

In 2018, the Village will undergo a number of projects to fill in the gaps. Two additional federally funded projects include IL83 CMAQ (80% Federal Funds) project from Foster to Bryn Mawr and the Church Road TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program – 75% Federal Funds) project from Grove Avenue and IL19 / Irving Park Road. The Village will also perform a number of on-street “share the lane” projects to provide connections from IL19 to Foster (through the northern residential neighborhood), connection to the Downtown from Church Road (through the central residential neighborhood), and connection to Redmond Recreational Facilities (from Church Road to Redmond along Jefferson Street). These “share the lane” projects will consist of pavement markings and signage. 

The Village is excited to have a thorough plan in place for bicycle riders to get to work or play while getting exercise and mitigating pollution from automobiles. 

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