Nationally, regionally, and locally there has been growing concern about what to do with medicines that are left over in our cabinets. The Bensenville Police Department is partnering with the DuPage County Health Department to safely dispose of medicines that are expired or no longer needed. The medications will be incinerated in collaboration with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The medications will not be reused in any way.

In order to reduce the amount of unused and expired medications in the household and dispose of them in a way that is safest for environment, residents may bring their medication to the Bensenville Police Department located at 345 E Green St, Bensenville IL 60106. The prescription drug drop-off box is located in the lobby. Regular business hours are 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday.

Disposing Instructions:

  • Bring household medication including over-the-counter, prescription medications, ointment and liquid medications, asthma inhalers that are expired or no longer wanted.
  • Empty pill containers directly into a zipper top plastic bag to protect your personal information.
  • For spill-free disposal place liquid medication in a zipper top plastic bag.
  • Deposit your medications in the collection container marked “RxBox” in the law enforcement facility.

Items NOT Accepted:

  • Sharps or needles, especially epinephrine pens.
  • Radioactive medicines
  • Any other medical waste
  • Household chemical waste

For more information on how to dispose of sharps at home safely and easily visit www.dupagehealth.org/rxbox