2018 Village Watermain Improvements

This locally funded project will replace approximately 3,300 linear feet of water main on the 400 blocks of Rose, May, and Grace Streets, along with Washington Street from York Road to Marion Street. As part of this project, the Village will also be replacing water service up to the existing b-box, conducting spot curb and gutter repairs, spot sidewalk repairs, and roadway resurfacing. In addition, driveway aprons impacted by the construction will be replaced, parkways will be restored, and other miscellaneous items will be addressed as necessary. The project is expected to start on April 2, 2018 with a final completion date of September 28, 2018. A project information letter is attached.

Download Information Letter No. 1

Update 08/16/18

This project is substantially completed. Landscape (SOD) restoration will be completed in the Fall of 2018.

Update 08/02/18

This project is substantially completed. No work took place during the week of July 30 as pavement markings are pushed back to August 6.  Landscape (SOD) restoration will be completed in the Fall of 2018.

Update 06/05/18

As of June 1, 2018, majority of the underground work is completed with the exception of one final watermain connection at Grace St/Jefferson St. That connection is scheduled for June 4, 2018. Weather permitting, below is tentative schedule for remainder of the project. During this next few weeks, driveway access will be impeded several times. Please park the cars on the street overnight. As a friendly reminder, please remove the cars from the street prior to 7 AM the next day so the crews can continue to finish the project.

Week of June 4-8, 2018 – Contractor will remove spot C&G, sidewalks and concrete aprons identified for removal during design stage. The removed items are to be replaced on June 7 &8. Impacted residents will be out of their driveways until 72-hrs after the concrete is poured. Please note all concrete driveway aprons are not to be replaced.

Week of June 11-15, 2018 – Weather permitting, Contractor will remove 6-inches of roadway pavement on May St, Rose St and Grace St within project limits. Grading operations will follow the removal operations. During the removal and grading operations, all residents on these streets will be out of their driveways. Temporary access to the street will be provided for overnight street parking. June 14, contractor will grind pavement on Washington St within project limits. On June 15, weather permitting, the contractor will begin installation of 4-inches of hot-mix-asphalt binder course.

June 18-22, 2018 – Weather permitting ,contractor will finish binder installation prior to removing the asphalt aprons identified during design stage. The asphalt driveway aprons will be installed the next day. Impacted residents will be out of their driveways during the removal and replacement operation. Please note all asphalt driveway aprons are not to be replaced. Contractor will finish the week performing structure adjustments within the pavement.

Week of June 25-30, 2018 – Weather permitting, contractor will install the 2 –inch hot-mix asphalt surface course and pavement markings. Landscape restorations will de depending on the weather.

Update 05/18/18

During the week of May 14th , the contractor worked on water service transfers on May St. The contractor also worked on successfully pressure testing the watermain on Rose St. Currently, the chlorination of watermain on Rose St is underway. Weather permitting during the week of May 21st, the contractor will finish service transfers on May St prior to moving over to Rose St for water service transfers. Tentatively, the week of May 29, the contractor will make final watermain connections at Jefferson St on all three streets (May, Rose and Grace). This will require a water shutdown for at least two separate days and impacted residents will be notified. Spot curb, driveway and sidewalk repairs within the project limits will begin shortly thereafter

Update 05/04/18

During the week of April 30th , the contractor transferred two services for Bridgeway on Washington Street as well as transfer individual home services on Grace St. Watermain on May St also passed the pressure test this week and chlorination is currently underway. During the week of May 7, the contractor is scheduled to complete water services on Grace St and then will likely begin watermain installation on Rose St.

Update 04/20/18

During the week of April 16th , the contractor finished installation of 8-in watermain on Grace St along with some storm sewer manhole reconstruction. During the week of April 23, the contractor is tentatively scheduled to begin watermain installation on May St and/or Rose St, depending on passing the pressure test of the new main on Washington St

Update 04/13/18

During the week of April 9th , the contractor finished installation of 8-in watermain on Washington St. Weather permitting, the contractor will continue to install new watermain down Grace St during the week of April 13 as well as pressure test and chlorinate the watermain on Washington St.