Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

What is Bensenville EMA?

Bensenville EMA is a part of the Village’s public safety efforts that is dedicated toward; preparing for, responding to, and recovering from major emergencies and disasters. The EMA Coordinator works with Village departments heads and local officials with training and education on disaster response planning and exercising to test ourselves before an emergency event.

One of EMA’s responsibilities is to educate the public with preparedness training, so persons will know what they can do to help themselves before, during, and after a disaster strikes. Residents are encouraged to become more involved with our preparedness efforts by getting directly involved with Bensenville EMA as a volunteer responder.

EMA responders work with supporting the Public Works, Police Department and Fire District when called to assist with an emergency situation. For information on volunteering with Bensenville EMA see our contact information within this wed site.

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