WPWMR Frequently Asked Questions

Please submit your questions to manager@bensenville.il.us and we will populate this section with common questions and general responses

  1. When will the video, meeting notes, etc. be up on the Village website?  The Portal is now live and accessible online at https://www.bensenville.il.us/973/White-Pines-Water-Main-Replacement-Portal . We are still updating some of the functionality as it will be a work in progress.

  2. Has it ever been determined who owns the water/water mains in White Pines?  If not, how will lack of defined ownership affect the approval of an IEPA loan? The ownership issue of the existing water mains has been debated for decades. The proposed project is being built as an entirely new system that is clearly owned and maintained by the Village. The old water system will be abandoned in place.

  3. The Village replaced some of the mains in the 1990s and early 2000s. Will those mains be replaced as a part of this project? No. Those mains are still well within their functioning lifespan and we do not anticipate needing to replace them at this time.

  4. What if the Village of Bensenville is not granted the IEPA loan?  What then happens to those residents who voluntarily decided to annex?  Do they stay annexed, or do they go back to being unincorporated? While the Village is confident in our IEPA loan application, other funding mechanisms, such as traditional bonds, remain viable financing options albeit at a higher interest rate. The Village is intent on initiating the project and would not see a reason to halt the project based solely on the IEPA loan.

  5. Is the IEPA loan able to be refinanced, like a mortgage? No. In municipal finance this would be considered a “call option” and the IEPA Loan program does not have any call options in their program.

  6. Is the IEPA loan interest rate of 1.84% locked in for 20 years?  Is it possible to negotiate a lower rate? No. Program guidelines and terms are fixed by the IEPA.

  7. Does the Village have survey data of the present age population of homeowners in White Pines? The Village currently has 82 customers within the project area that qualify for the senior discount.

  8. Has the Board of Trustees voted on approving the WP Project?  If so, what was the date and can the minutes be found, as well as the vote, on your website? The Board has been informed of the project individually but no final action has taken place necessitating a vote. Project scope and management falls within the Village Manager’s Office role as Chief Administrative Officer. Final action items that will go to the Board include such items as: engineering contracts, IEPA Loan submittal/funding, and contract letting – essentially items that are financially material to the Village of Bensenville.

  9. Can a White Pine’s resident annex in at a later date and not prior to the Village's proposed loan application from the IEPA? Yes, White Pines residents can choose to file a petition for annexation at a later date. All annexation agreements will need to be approved by the Village Board per state law.

  10. For those residents that choose the water rate increase rather than the annexation option, does the 275% charges apply to only water portion of the bill or to the total bill? The 275% charges apply to the total bill including the water, sewer and the fixed debt service charges.

  11. During construction, if 12" pipes are found to already be in the ground and "in good working condition" will the pipes be replaced anyway, or left there? Although the Village is confident in their current water atlases and knowledge of the system, should an unexpected pipe material or size be discovered in the field during construction, staff and our engineering consultants will evaluate and make the most reasonable engineering decision available.

  12. I heard that there is a County proposal that adds an additional $3,485,000.00 in expenses to the $7 million proposal from the Village. Is this a viable option? The County has indicated to the Village that they do not have any immediate plans to undertake this plan; however, the Village of Bensenville cannot speak on behalf of DuPage County and defers this question to the DuPage County Public Works Department for details. Due to the County takeover being nearly 50% more expensive than the Village’s plan, it would be difficult to imagine that this plan would be affordable for the residents.

  13. What is the protocol for address change when residents are annexed into the village?  Address changes are always handled by the Post Office but the Village will do our best to serve as the conduit to facilitate the smoothest transition possible between the Post Office and residents. A good case study for how the addresses could look under the hybrid approach (incorporated versus or surcharged unincorporated) is along Church Road. There are a couple of houses that are already incorporated flanked by unincorporated addresses on either side. CED will work to learn more about the notification process from previous annexations.

  14. Why is the Village of Bensenville not using any monies from the Water Fund for the four hundred thousand dollar White Pines water main engineering design project and the seven million dollar proposed White Pines replacement project?  The Village has identified two other funding sources for the White Pines Water Main Replacement Project: The Unincorporated Water Fund and The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Drinking Water Loan Fund.
    These sources of funding allow the project to take advantage of Unincorporated Water Fund reserves and the low interest rate (currently 1.84%) from the IEPA. For more information on the IEPA Loan program, please visit: http://www.epa.illinois.gov/topics/grants-loans/state-revolving-fund/index 
    As an aside, it is worth pointing out that the entire unincorporated water/sewer system generates 4.26% of the revenue in the Village’s Enterprise fund. In 2017, the net income from the unincorporated water system totaled $11,757. The income and expense analysis is located here for review.