What work requires a permit? What happens if I don't obtain a permit?

Any work that requires a structural change such as:

Residential: New Construction, Additions, Remodels, Driveways, Patios, Decks, Water Heater Replacement, Furnace, A/C replacement, Sheds, Detached Garages, Roof, Gutters, Siding, Sanitary Sewer Replacement, Demolition, Chicken Coop Installations, Window Replacements*

Non-Residential: New Construction, Additions, Remodels, Parking Lot, Curb Replacement, All Plumbing, Mechanical, Electric Work, Accessory Structures, Fire Sprinkler Installations/ Modifications, Demolition, Sign Installations, Warehouse Racking

*no permit required, however owner must provide efficiency rating of windows to be installed to ensure compliance with 2015 Illinois Energy Conservation Code. 

Please visit here for further details

If you are unsure if your project requires a permit, contact Community & Economic Development at 630.350.3413. Staff does not recommend proceeding with any project without obtaining the appropriate permit. You may be asked to take down or remove whatever work has been completed and start the project over in its entirety.

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2. What work requires a permit? What happens if I don't obtain a permit?
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